Scientific Program - Europacat 2017

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Scientific Program

The conference will be organized in four parallel sessions, the first three dedicated to discuss five grand-challenges for catalysis in an integrated view between homo-, hetero- and bio-catalysis as well as covering aspects going from theory and modelling to applied catalysis and engineering:

  • Catalysis to address the evolving energy and chemical scenario
  • Catalysis for a cleaner and sustainable future
  • Addressing catalysis complexity
  • Understanding and design catalyst from molecular to material scale
  • Expanding catalysis concepts

The fourth parallel session will have a different structure. It will be partially dedicated to “industrial catalysis” where contributions either from companies or with a prevailing industrial character will be presented. The 4th parallel session will be also utilized to continue the positive experiment of shot symposia, e.g. up to 20 short thematic sections (60 to 140 min each) to discuss these topics and present selected contributions in the form of short orals.

The scientific program is completed with:
  • 5 Plenary (1h)
  • 18 keynote (35 min + 5 min questions)
  • 228 Orals  (15 min + 5 min questions)
  • up to 23 Shot Symposia (thematic), with possibility to accommodate about 350 short orals (5 min, no questions) together with panel discussion
  • 3 poster sessions (about 200-250 poster each)

Due to large submission we will slightly revise this preliminary programme.

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