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Sponsors & Exhibitions
An industrial exhibition will be organized in the Congress Area (Villa Vittoria - near the Plenary Auditorium). All interested Companies and Publishers are kindly requested to contact  industryeuropacat@oic.it   in order to receive detailed information about Sponsorships and Exhibition.

GOLD Sponsors

Chimet produces supported (heterogeneous) catalysts based on precious metals (PM, as Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ir), with application in the petrochemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries (APIs).
As a leader in recovery & refining of PM, Chimet offers a complete PM loop service to its customers ensuring a maximum metal yield.
Website link www.chimet.com

CHINA CATALYST HOLDING CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CCH) is a comprehensive enterprise group registered in State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The headquarters is located Dalian. With the ability to research and develop proprietary technology of core catalysts, develop chemical process package and manufacture fine and specialty chemicals, CCH becomes one of the first high-tech modern enterprise groups that has relatively complete chemical industry chain.
By accelerating the industrial layout to adapt to the rapid development of enterprise, with high performance products and professional services, CCH established solid cooperation relations with a number of domestic chemical groups in recent years. The relevant catalyst and fine chemical products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other major industries.
CCH, based on the research of specialized science, relying on itself a great deal of experience in process design and technology transformation, supply the state of the art quality catalysts´╝îtechnical package and fine chemicals for domestic and international market.

SILVER Sponsors




BRONZE Sponsors

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